Outsourcing is recognized as a strategic tool for change in today’s world. We at SM2 Infotech drive the change & help organizations to manage people, process and technology to deliver & endure value. We outsource business partners collaborate to share risk and gains to transform roadblock business processes into competitive arms in an accelerated time-frame. 

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Time and Resource Outsourcing Model

With Increasing costs and overheads, most of the companies have started outsourcing their delivery model based on time & resource engagement, this model helps organization to keep their resource cost under control but also help to focus on their core competencies, this gives organization flexibility in managing the HR complexities resulting from business changes, In this Model SM2 Infotech will Bill customer on Man month basis depending on the resource deployed on the site.

When to use this model

    • Shorter term engagement and project scope is not clear
    • Very high degree of skills not require to be delivered
    • Budget and head count ConstraintsRequirement for Immediate Service Delivery


Project Based Outsourcing Model

In recent changing business environment one need to move quickly to adapt changes, seize new opportunity and meet the demands of the customer.

Project Outsourcing provides you flexibility of executing complex & time bound projects with absolute ease without any skills and resource deploy from your existing setup. Projects can be an infrastructure development, technology deployment, migration, software tool development.

When to use this model

    • Immediate requirement of project execution
    • Project Scope is clear and is for shorter term engagement
    • Internally resource are not available
    • Time bound implementation with meticulousness
    • Single Point Contact – One stop shop
    • Co-ordination with Multi Vendor
    • End-to-End solution delivery



Managed Outsourcing Model

SM2 Infotech provides customize end to end outsourcing solution to relieve companies from managing different and complex IT infrastructure. SM2 Infotech complete outsourcing solution provides best in class IT practices , Innovation and process, we implement process that can be managed efficiently and are flexible to changes that arise due to business requirement from time to time basis. We achieved the agreed and define SLA‘s thorough our delivery Methodology, SM2 Infotech complete outsourcing Model help organization to save cost of service delivery and also ensures business process benefits. As a partner we provide effective support systems with industry standard and are accountable for the work we deliver at every stage of our partnership with you

When to use this model

    • 24/7 availability
    • Long term engagement and scope is clearly defined
    • Where high degree of control for reasons of confidentiality
    • Immediate requirement of project execution


Break fix Support Model

Organization can outsource their complete IT Infrastructure. We will ensure all the calls placed during the contract period will resolve with in defined SLA’s. This model works best for organization who have multiple branches with very small IT infrastructure, Customer will bill as per no’s of incidents resolve or based on the location sign.

When to use this model

    • Small branches
    • Office or retail stores spread across
    • Occasional support service require
    • Remote management is difficult